Professional Piano Moving

Professional Piano Movers

Pianos are a major investment, unlike normal furniture; pianos need special care during a move to protect their fragile wood frame, intricate parts and precise tuning.

Some of the delicate parts include the keyboard, pedals, hammers and strings. The 88 black and white keys make that unique piano sound. The pedals allow for a softer or longer sound and the hammers and strings attached to the keys work together to create the music. The 88 keys are connected to small, felt-covered hammers. When you press a key, its hammer strikes a string, or set of strings, tuned to the appropriate musical note. The string begins to vibrate creating music! Let’s not forget the damper. The damper sits over the strings inside the keyboard. Dampers are made of cloth or felt and mute the strings by preventing vibration from occurring, this ensures the sounds don’t crash together.

All those parts and the wood frame they sit in can be extremely heavy!

  • The average spinet or console weighs three hundred to five hundred pounds.
  • A full-size upright piano can weigh seven hundred to one thousand pounds.
  • Grand pianos vary from about five hundred to a thousand pounds.
  • A concert grand may weigh as much as thirteen hundred ponds.

In addition to the piano’s weight and delicate parts you must also consider your piano’s finish. A piano finish is extremely vulnerable to scratches, nicks and dents.

Using a professional piano moving company, like Congressional Piano Movers is the best way to ensure your piano and all of its delicate parts are moved safely. Congressional Piano Movers uses the best equipment and safest techniques to make sure your piano is moved with the utmost care. Our trucks are climate controlled so your piano is never exposed to the elements.

We know how to prepare a piano to be moved, loaded and transported properly. With over 16 years of experience your piano move will be smooth and worry free.

Handled with Care

Your piano will be kept and moved in the best conditions. We offer high-quality moving options to and from both residential and commercial locations.

  • Climate controlled storage
  • 3 professional grade moving trucks
  • Long distance moves to NJ, NY, NC, SC, GA, and FL
  • 24/7 and holiday service
  • Professional hoisting and craning
  • Moving without hidden charges
  • Free quotes and estimates
  • 100% guaranteed moving
  • Room to room moves
  • Unwanted piano removal

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